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The Light Blues - Dissolving Sexual Identifications (No more hatred of yourself and others)

Light Blues

Text from the Padmasambhava Association:

"The Light Blue Wave has to do with four different aspects of our identity, which are directly connected to our sexual identification and vice versa. In our nervous system we are talking about four bio-electrical circuits, the Adrenals, the Bladder, the Kidneys, and the sexual organs Penis/Vagina.

"The Adrenals deal on the outside with our identification regarding our cultural surrounding, our race, our common blood and the conflicts connected to this. '“We are Americans!', 'Black is beautiful!', 'We are Russians!', 'We are Germans!', ….. etc.

"The Bladder has to do with our social and religious identification. 'I am a member of the Lion´s Club! I am a Union member! I am with the Jewish community! I am Catholic! I am something better!'

"The Kidneys are dealing with our family ties. 'You are talking already like your grandmother! You are worse than your father! I never want to be like my mother! You and your sister, you don’t know how to behave! You don’t even care for your own family!' "


The Light Blues consist of the following four group processes:

- Penis/Vagina

- Adrenals

- Bladder

- Kidneys


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