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Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is the name given to a unique advanced system of yoga, healing, meditation and transformation.

Shantam DheerajTibetan Pulsing Yoga is a process of inner transformation and healing for everyone who is ready to take a jump from the mind to the heart.

It was developed over many decades as the life-work of Shantam Dheeraj (a.k.a. James Rudolph Murley), up until his death in 1998, and since then continues to be practised, evolved and shared by many of his colleagues, friends and devoted students all over the world.

In my view Shantam Dheeraj was a visionary genius who has developed one of the world's most incredible, advanced, profound, enjoyable, complex, wide-ranging, authentic and important systems of yoga, meditation, healing, bodywork, philosophy, personal transformation and self-realization which has ever been evolved.

In Very Brief Terms, What Is Actually Done in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga?

Tibetan Pulsing is such an encompassing system that it incorporates an enormous range of different aspects, all of which are important.

If nothing else, I would like every reader of this website to go away with an enriched appreciation for just how amazingly broad in scope the system of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is, with a bearing on almost every aspect of our lives, activities, thoughts, feelings and experiences, and on the very essence of our existence.

In a nutshell, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga incorporates:

To truly explore every aspect of Tibetan Pulsing would be the work of a lifetime.

However, by following the links above you can read brief summarized explanations of each area, plus there is then a little explanation of the terminology used in Tibetan Pulsing, and finally an analogy of the phoenix.

To find out more, beyond the brief summaries in this section, please go next to the Course Information page to investigate courses you can attend, and you can also explore our articles page for more in-depth discussions of specific aspects of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.


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