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The Light Yellows - Sensitivity (Forgiving yourself and others)

Light Yellows

Text from the Padmasambhava Association:

"This method of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is very feminine. It guides you into a deep process of individual growth and transformation of hatred into love by working on the nerves which govern our sensitivity.

"When our feelings are shocked, the mind catches them, turning their love into our hatred. Suddenly the source of love becomes the object of hate. Out of this sudden shock we develop allergies, food problems, relational stress, etc. We are not able to express our natural feelings and are cut off from all that nourishes and fulfills. Our love is not flowing any more.

"The time has come to release what is frozen in us, what has been frozen for many lifetimes. Through a method developed for the vagus nerve, we are able to resolve the very atoms of this hatred, creating the internal space of sensitivity, beauty and fulfilment in our lives."


The Light Yellows consist of the following four group processes:

- Tongue (Wishes and How You Get What You Want)

- Throat (Family Drama)

- Stomach

- Spleen (Awakening of the Kundalini)


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