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The New Mind 4 - The Yellow Wave: Sensitivity

The Yellow Wave comprises four parts, each presented as a separate group process. When originally introduced by Dheeraj and Kalpa in India in the 1990s, these were all done together in sequence, over the course of about a month, spending seven consecutive days on each Organ. Nowadays, for the convenience of participants these four group processes are often separated into four separate events, and instead of being spread over seven days the same process may be scheduled over a smaller number of days:

- The Spleen (The Flame of Change)

- The Stomach (In Sympathy With Me)

- The Throat (Being Authentic)

- The Tongue (The Fruits of the Truth)


Text from the Padmasambhava Association:

"When we are able to forgive others for the hurt that we have suffered at their hands, the sympathetic nervous system is transformed into the fourth dimension and our relations are perceived as gestures of friendliness.

When we are able to forgive ourselves for the insensitive shocks that we have caused others, the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes into self-love transforming us into the friend we have always sought in others.

Forgiveness is the seed that blossoms into sensitivity."


See also here for information on the accompanying 'Light' (Left Eye) version of the same four group group processes.


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