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The New Mind 2 - The Red Wave: Illusions

The Red Wave comprises four parts, each presented as a separate group process. When originally introduced by Dheeraj and Kalpa in India in the 1990s, these were all done together in sequence, over the course of about a month, spending seven consecutive days on each Organ. Nowadays, for the convenience of participants these four group processes are often separated into four separate events, and instead of being spread over seven days the same process may be scheduled over a smaller number of days:

- The Small Intestine (Allowing Closeness)

- The Hara (Immune Power or Anger)

- The Testes/Ovaries (Lioness or Loneliness)

- The Heart (Love or Heartbreak/Bitterness)


Text from the Padmasambhava Association:

"In the second Wave of the New Mind we learn how to free our spirit from the chains of illusions. The human spirit within us contains the four elements of our being: vitality, strength, love and peace. These primary powers get attached to the mind’s fears and split into fundamental illusions. Our vitality becomes self-importance. Strength is reduced to dominance, love to lust and the depth of peace is no more than superficial control (possession).

"Our life force is polarized by these compromises, so that we lose the strength of our own truth and can only agree with what someone else had said. We can’t be ourselves for fear of losing our reputation. We use our love as a means - not of giving, but of taking something we want from someone. Anything or anyone we appreciate we have to possess!

"These basic illusions of lust, dominance, possession and self-importance exist only inside our nerves because of negative charge which our mind misinterprets as excessive needs. The natural need for love is experienced as a lustful craving, strength degenerates into demands, etc. These overcharged ideas reduce the juice of life into synthetic substances that leave us unfulfilled.

"Therefore, with great pleasure Tibetan Pulsing Yoga offers an alternative to the substitutes - a return to the real sense of human being: New Mind II."


See also here for information on the accompanying 'Light' (Left Eye) version of the same four group group processes.


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